What You Need to Know

1. Who may participate in the STL Broncos Youth Footbal Organization?

Any child from the ages of 5-12 is welcomed to participate. We are a member of the American Youth Football (AYF) Midwest chapter.

2. How is a new player assigned to a team? Are there tryouts? 

The STL Broncos is a 'no cut' team.  Which means that any child that is willing to listening, learn and live by our motto, mission and vision will receive an equitable amount of playing time.

3. When does registration begin?
Early registration begins February 1st. Our official registration date is April 1st.

4. When does the football season start?
We begin our season with a preseason summer camp in the month of June. Practice begins in early July with the official season starting in September.  There are 8 regular season games with the top teams advancing to the playoffs Playoffs and Super Bowl games are completed no later than the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

5. What is the cost to play for the Broncos?

The cost for Broncos Football can change from year to year  primarily based on our field provider’s adjustments in field usage fees.  Registration closes by age group when the teams at that age group are full. Please contact us directly for pricing information. 

6. What does the registration fee cover? 

The registration fee coves the following: rental of the Broncos helmet and shoulder pads, practice and game uniforms and a mouthpiece.

7. Are there any additional costs?
Yes! The organization covers the following: league fees, insurance costs, team fees, practice costs such as practice field usage & permits, coaching and practice equipment. game costs such as game field usage including field set up/tear down and official’s costs,

Broncos' Football operating expenses such as bank fees, ongoing coaching evaluations and education, administration costs, copying, misc, etc. We depend on our parents, coaching staff and volunteers to help us cover costs by fundraising, sponsorship and donations.

8. How can someone sponsor/donate to the organization?

If anyone is interested in donating or sponsoring the STL Broncos the is a form on the under the SUPPORT page of our website or you can click here

9. Where, when and how often is practice? 

Practice will be held at Forest Wood Park, 806 Ferguson Ave. 63135 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6-8pm.

10. What equipment does my child need for practice and games?

Your child will need a pair of football cleats, a cup and comfortable, weather appropriate clothes.

How can I help?
There are many volunteer opportunities with your team as well as with the STL Broncos organization. Your team's business manager  will be soliciting  parents directly for volunteers for the many team and game day responsibilities. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time to the STL Broncos organization or have any additional questions please contact:

Business Manager

Tamar Brown 








· Practice days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6pm to 8pm  All players are expected toatend and participate in  every practice if they cannot make it please communicate that with your business manager. 

· Name of league we are in is AYF (American Youth Football)

· Football fees are set. There is no negotiation. However, there are options to cover your child's fees. Please contact us directly for registration fees. 

· Weight in TBA 

· Forms deadline TBA - form needed registration forms, physical form, original birth certification(these documents will be returned at the end of the season) 

· ID’s this year will be taken at weight in cost $10

· Game schedules will not be provided until after all teams have done weight in 

· Important communication will be sent via text message and provided on the Broncos Facebook group but they will be provided both ways

· Any questions and concerns should be addressed with your business manager 

· Fundraiser each family has to participate in at least 2 fundraisers throughout the season 

· First game will be TBA 

“One Team One Dream”